STOX Posting & Publishing Posters Handbook 04.13.16

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*Please read entire packet and sign, date and return page 5 via email to [email protected]* 1 STOX Posting & Publishing Poster’s Handbook (April 2016 Edition) Important Contact Information: Office hours: 9-6 MST Monday - Friday STOX Office (801) 477-7869 Fax (844) 477-7869 Address: 372 E 720 S Orem, UT 84058 Posting Department: Direct Line: 801-405-6875 Email: [email protected] Emergency Contacts: J.C. Stock Cell: 801-372-0793 Email: [email protected] Anneka Repscher Cell: 520-332-4774 Email:[email protected] All completed postings and images must be emailed to [email protected] 2 As a posting vendor for STOX Posting & Publishing you are responsible for posting your assigned orders by the deadline provided with each order you receive. You are also required to confirm receipt of each order within 4 hours of the order being sent. If an order is cancelled it must immediately be cancelled and confirmation must be sent back to STOX. The documents you are posting are a part of the foreclosure process. Most of the documents will be the Notice of Trustee Sale. This document lets the property owner know the date that their property is going to be sold at auction along with other important information for them. Additional documents are required in some states. These documents are a notice to renters living in the subject property, providing them with their rights. Upon completion of your assignment you are required to submit to STOX Posting & Publishing via email* (*Idaho & Oregon documents must be MAILED to our office at your expense) the following:  3 or more Pictures showing the posting on the appropriate property. All images must be clear (Please see attached examples) 1 st image needs to be a clear picture showing the document(s) posted. Image should be clear enough to read the TS# of the specific file. 2nd image should show the placement of the posting ie: front door, garage, or gate. If placement allows in this picture it should also include the address of the property. 3rd image should be taken from the curb to see the home/property. This image should include the address of the property especially if unable to get address with image 2.  Signed and dated posting certificate/declaration. This must be completely filled out and where required it must be notarized. The address on the certificate/declaration must match the address on the Notice of Trustee’s Sale you are posting. [States requiring notary: Idaho, Oregon] This must be received as a pdf. {if received in any other format the certificate will be rejected and order will not be considered complete until a pdf is received} Declarations may be rejected for the following reasons:  Incomplete, inaccurate or missing posting address. (The address must match the Notice of Trustee sale you post.)  Missing or invalid county  Missing or invalid posting date  Missing or invalid STOX Number  Missing or invalid TS Number  Unsigned certificate/declaration  Where required: Missing Notary signature Missing Notary commission expiration date Missing Notary County of Residence Missing Date  Etc… 3 SITUATIONS YOU MAY ENCOUNTER There are a variety of situations you may come across as a vendor, while several will be addressed here not every situation can be addressed as each posting is unique. It is highly recommended that upon receipt of your orders you look the address up on Google Maps. This is helpful in locating the property and to help in determining potential address errors. If you are unable to locate a property on the map please contact STOX and we can see what other information we may be able to provide to you in assisting with locating the correct property. Most of our vendors receive a prefilled posting certificate/declaration, this is provided to you to ensure the correct file numbers, complete address and county are on the document. When this is provided it is recommended that this is used. Multiple Addresses Some orders may require multiple postings at the same location. If your order is for example a duplex, you would be required to post the notice on both doors. Some orders this can be seen by the address provided to you. Unfortunately, with others there is no way of know a head of time that the order will require multiple postings. If your posting order has an address that clearly shows multiple addresses (Example: 123, 125, 127 or 124 a, 124 b, 124 c or 121-127 Smith Road) this would be an order that prior to going out to post we can see that there are 3 doors we would need to post on. With this information you would prepare to post on all 3 doors for this single order You will want to be aware that at any time a single order could require the additional postings. In this situation pictures would be required for each door you post on. Every unit gets posted. Gated Communities Some properties may be inside a gated community that you may not have access to. In this situation you would post the notice on the gate. Pictures are stil...


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