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1. General information about Glen Mobile Solution Company, list of key customers and key MAH implementations. 2. General architecture of MAH System, licensing schemes of the system, data access levels for users, data flow within the system, overview of main applications and services of the system. 3. Software and hardware requirements for all MAH applications and services Mobile application for different type of field users working on Android devices. Basic functions of application like customer and route management , order collecting, merchandising, work controlo etc. Audit mode of application for supervisors. Main server module responsible for most of database management, data editing, some basic reports, photos review, whole set of digital maps report etc. Application is accessible via any web browser on any device Dedicated plugin for MS Excel application which allow to grab predefined numeric reports directly to Excel spreadsheet. Big set of predefined reports are avaiable. Most of numeric report can be set as generated automaticly and can be sent via email to group of users. Backoffice set of MAH services responsible for data exchange with external systems, import, export data, order processing etc. This module is also responsible for imorting sales data from local distributora for reporting within MAH. Main issues about deployment of the MAH system, modifications for user specific need, usage of the system, ways of licensig, cloud hosting, support and service during usage GLEN – MOBILE SOLUTION EXPERT Glen sp. z o.o. is a company founded in 1995 in Krakow. From the very beginning of its activity concentrated on mobile solutions for different sectors. Initially on platform Windows/Windows Mobile, and now also on Android and Windows 10. An additional activity is for sale online and in the physical store, navigation software, GPS, mobile, Android/Windows and accessories. Since the year 2000 we develop family your own mobile systems under the name mobile trade application ( called MAH) on the Android platform and Windows. Initially applicable only to common FMCG and pharmacy markets, currently uses this system go far beyond the existing areas, wherever there is a need for electronic control and support reps out of the Office. These are the solutions for the auditors, technicians, interviewers etc. The whole MAH system is offered in the convenient subscription model (so-called Software As A Service) in the „private cloud". This eliminates the need to install and run the client infrastructure. SaaS model shifts the responsibilities of management, updates, technical assistance with the customer to the provider. As a result, the user has control over the software vendor and the responsibility to ensure the continuity of its operations. Using MAH in this model allows you to completely focus on business jobs in the company, and service and maintenance tools entrusted to experts. „MAH Cloud” is located in one of the most advanced external data center in Poland as „private cloud”. Base on this solution we can offer very high SLA level and very high factor system availability. The company has also ISO 27001 Certificate for Information Security Management System. (last audit November 2016). Offer Glen also includes consultation and needs analysis, system to the specific user, implementation and technical support, service and system modifications at the time of his life „MAH Cloud” offer is a combination of MAH applications, and associated services and its advantage is confirmed by existing customers with following key benefits: 1. The whole part of the server is located in an external discrete data centre (private cloud). No infrastructure to be updated or installed at Customer’s site. Very convenient for abroad implementations. Polish/English as a standard and other languages on request. 2. All server applications are available all the time through public and private networks depending on specufic needs. 3. All MAH users has one certain point of support via email or phone at working hours . Full care. 4. All administration of database, import/export data, orders, files, reports sent by email/ftp are at Glen sita. 5. MAH system upgrade and modifications on request can be made remotely to all users via network. 6. A simple method of fixed monthly fees for well defined services and shared applications. 7. We also offer expertise, needs analysis and free test for a group of users and mobile equipment with service. The oldest MAH implementation comes from 2002 ( Nestle), most of our customers working with us more than 10 years. Every time MAH system is customized depending on specific needs of Customers. Trade marks registered. All rights reserved • Mobile Trade Application (MAH) is a versatile and modern mobile system for supporting and controling of field representatives. A proven solution for manufacturers and distributors of various industries in any distribution channel (traditional and modern trade/hore...


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