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www.cheshireeast.gov.uk/rangers Walks from NelsonPit Visitor Centre 7 Distance 9.6 km (6 miles) Time 3 hours Start Nelson Pit Visitor Centre Terrain Strenuous in parts Map Ordnance Survey Explorer 268 Refreshments Situated close to Nelson Pit, are The Coffee Tavern and Boars Head pub. Trading Post is on the canal towpath. In Lyme Park the house has a restaurant and tea room, also there is a park coffee shop. Facts Follow The Countryside Code Helping everyone to respect, protect & enjoy our countryside. • Be safe - plan ahead and follow any signs • Leave gates and property as you find them • Protect plants and animals and take your litter home • Keep dogs under close control • Consider other people Cheshire East Council Westfields, Middlewich Road, Sandbach, Cheshire CW11 1HZ Map reproduced from the Ordnance Survey map with the permission of HMSO. © Crown Copyright. Unauthorised reproduction infringes Crown Copyright and may lead to legal or civil proceedings. Cheshire East Council, licence no. 100049045 2010. The Ranger Service protects, enhances, encourages and promotes the proper use of the Council’s outdoor recreational facilities. For further information telephone 01625 504528 or go to: www.cheshireeast.gov.uk/rangers www.nhs.uk/change4life Sep09/167 Anson Museum Tel: 01625 874426 www.ansonmuseum.org.uk Lyme Park Tel: 01663 762023 Email: [email protected] Places to visit Visit www.cheshireeast.gov.uk/rangers For the latest news and information about Ranger events and the sites we manage. Plus why not sign up to our monthly e-newsletter? Nelson Pit Macclesfield Canal Lyme Park Bowstones LanternWood Lyme Park Introduction One of a series of circular walks from the Nelson Pit Visitor Centre. The route climbs over 1300 feet from Nelson Pit to Bowstones, and is partly strenuous. However, the views from the highest points on a good day are spectacular. This walk should be avoided on a misty day. Route From Nelson Pit Visitor Centre, exit the car park, turn left along the road to join the Macclesfield Canal at Mount Vernon Wharf, just before the bridge. The Macclesfield canal, it’s nickname is the‘Macc’, was surveyed byThomasTelford, it cost £320,000 to build and opened on 19 November 1831.Tolls at one and two old pence were charged by the ton per mile. Coal and stone were the cheapest and finished goods the most expensive.The toll collectors were agents employed by the canal company, relatively well paid and usually armed. The canal was used commercially until the 1950’s. Self-employed bargees, called Number One’s, charged for their services by the ton per mile and were the last vestige of the commercial traffic. Efforts by the British Waterways Board in the late 50’s to stem the decline by building a series of narrow boats for commercial use were a failure. 1 Turn right under bridge 15 and continue along the canal until the next bridge, number 16, (Hagg Bridge). Turn right, then immediately left over the bridge. At the bottom of the steps turn slightly right across the field and through a metal kissing gate. 2 Turn left following the sight of the house on the horizon. Through another kissing gate at the top left side of the field. Follow the track round the edge of the field, turn left through a metal kissing gate. Continue along the track between the hedge and fence; turn right through a wooden gate. 3 Follow the tarmacadam road uphill, turn right in front of the farmhouse, (Green Farm), still following the road. Where the road forks, turn sharp left and through the waymarked gate, adjacent to the stone farm barns. Pass in front of the large metal barn and turn right. 4 Walk uphill, through a wooden gate and then left over a tall ladder stile. You are now in Lyme Park. Walk uphill, at an angle of about 45 degrees, at the ridge the track runs parallel to a drystone wall. Continue ahead and walk downhill towards the car park. 5 Reaching the T-junction at a cattle grid, with the house ahead, turn right and after a few yards walk through the high gate. You are now on the Gritstone Trail. The GritstoneTrail is 18½ miles long and runs from village of Disley to the Staffordshire border over rugged upland country, pasture land and wooded river valleys.The whole area covered by the Trail used to be known as‘The Lyme’, meaning‘border country’. The GritstoneTrail, including the former Mow CopTrail, has been extended to make it more accessible by public transport.The route is split into three sections, which can each be walked in a day. 6 Up the path adjacent to the drystone wall, through a high gate, and follow the wide track ahead through the trees. This is Knightslow Wood. Through another high gate, walk uphill ahead. i i 7 Follow the wide track on the left, ignoring the narrow track on the right. At the brow of the hill cross a ladder stile over a drystone wall, straight ahead passing a house with large radio beacons. Cross a stile, turn left onto the road in front of Bowstones Far...

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