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SETUP On the 30th of June, 1942, the Gross- deutschland Infantry Division, as part of the XXXXVIII Panzer Korps, established a bridgehead across the Olym River, between Gorshechnoye and Orlokva. The forward forces included elements of I (Grenadier) Infantry Regiment, and part of the Reconnaissance and the Panzer Battalions. On the morning of 1 July the Soviets launched an armoured attack against the bridgehead trying to repulse the Germans. The Grenadiers asked for support when they saw the Soviet tanks coming and the Panzers of 1. and 2. Kompanien drove ahead, picking off enemy tanks one by one. The Soviet attack stalled and the tanks began to retreat. The Panzers pursued the fleeing Soviet tanks and by 06:30 the battle was over, with ten T-34s and two light tanks destroyed. The bridgehead was secured and the GD Division was ready to march forward towards its next objective: Yasenki. Map Utilize maps 4 and 7. Scenario A-4 The Bridgehead: Gorshechnoye-Orlovka area, Soviet Union, 1 July 1942 Conditions Normal visibility. No adverse terrain. Situation Soviet … German … SPECIAL CONDITIONS Grenadier Company sets up first on map 7 east of the river on hexes numbered >2. Units may begin the scenario in FC. The Soviet Force automatically wins the initiative on turn 1. Apply Force Grade modifiers normally when determining the initiative on subsequent turns. The river on map 7 is impassable except at hex 7R8. VICTORY CONDITIONS Length 15 turns. 500/565 VPs To the Force that controls the Pontoon Bridge on hex 7R8. To control the Pontoon Bridge, a force must occupy or be the last to occupy it for a full turn. If neither side meets this requirement, these VPs are not awarded. If the Pontoon Bridge is destroyed these VPs are awarded automatically to the Soviet force. Hex 7R8 is a Pontoon Bridge. Place a German Control marker to represent it. The Pontoon Bridge is at Height -1. The Pontoon Bridge has a Weight Limit of 30 tons. If the Soviet KV-1 enters the bridge it results in the destruction of both the Bridge and the KV-1. If special ammo types are available, utilize Ammo Limits. If morale rules (OR) are in effect, the Soviet Force utilizes the listed point information and adds the additional forces; the German Force utilizes the alternative point information. Utilize the alternative VPs. Only the German Force may employ the Hidden Unit Rules (OR). A maximum of 2 Hidden Unit Markers may deploy. 1st. Tank Company sets up second on map 4 on hexes numbered < 5. Both … Unit VPs For elimination, knock out or brew up. 130/145 VPs Required victory margin. N Treat all Heavy Woods, Hill and Rough hexes on map 7 as Scrub terrain. Treat all Hill hexes on maps 7 and 4 as Height 0 terrain. Any other terrain on Hill hexes (i.e., Scrub) remains unchanged. Only hexrows A-Y on maps 4 and 7 are playable. 7 4 GermanEdge SovietEdge Place BU Wreck counters on hexes 7P4 and 7U1. SPECIAL CONDITIONS, CONTINUED Bridge hexes 7F7 and 7Y5 are destroyed. Place Rubble counters on each hex. 2nd. Panzer Company enters the mapboard on turn 4 anywhere along the German edge. 1st. Panzer Company enters the mapboard on turn 7 along hex 7A5. Units may enter at the path movement rate. 2nd. Tank Company enters the mapboard on turn 1 anywhere along the Soviet edge. Units may enter at the path movement rate if entering from a path. To the Soviet Force (only) if at least one unit exits the map from hex 7Q10. Units that exit the map from hex 7Q10 may not be destroyed. 150/160 VPs German Force FORWARD ELEMENTS OF THE GROSSDEUTSCHLAND INFANTRY DIVISION, VETERAN [1458/1598] GRENADIER COMPANY (+): VETERAN, SUPERIOR, 16(14), CP-10, [520/570] x1 28/31 oInfantryo oCHQo x3 32/35 oRifleo x3 32/35 oRifleo x3 32/35 oRifleo x2 30/33 x2 39/43 oRecono oMotorcycleo oRifleo x2 33/36 x6 1ST. PANZER COMPANY (-): VETERAN, SUPERIOR, 6, CP-4, [456/501] oCHQo x1 106/116 x3 70/77 x2 70/77 2ND. PANZER COMPANY (-): VETERAN, SUPERIOR, 9, CP-6, [482/527] oCHQo x1 50/55 x4 54/59 x4 54/59 CREDITS Version 1.0. Original scenario design by Fernando Sola. Testing by The Panzer Pusher test group (Fernando Sola, Daniel Sola, and Maggie Shepherd). Counter graphics from the Panzer VASSAL module by Rob Doane. Original counter art by James M. Day, Pascal da Silva and Mark Simonitch. Photo credit: Bundesarchiv. PANZER ® is a registered trademark of James M. Day. Published by GMT GAMES, LLC. All rights reserved © x2 60 x2 60 x1 90 oCHQo x3 25 x2 62 x3 62 x3 62 oCHQo x1 93 Soviet Force ELEMENTS OF THE 4TH TANK CORPS, SEASONED [1178/1298] 1ST TANK COMPANY (+): SEASONED, EXCELLENT, 12, CP-7, [664] 2ND TANK COMPANY: SEASONED, EXCELLENT, 8, CP-5, [514] x2 60 [ADDITIONAL] 2ND TANK COMPANY: SEASONED, EXCELLENT, 10, CP-6, [634] x2 60 x1 64

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