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HUNTING RIFLES 2003 1889 1871 2007 1999 Index Bolt Action Rifle M 03 Action and Technology P. 4–5 M 03 and M 03 Extreme P. 6–7 M 03 Solid, M 03 Match, M 03 Africa P. 8–9 M 03 Arabesque, M 03 De Luxe, M 03 Old Classic P. 10–11 M 03 Custom Engravings P. 12–13 M 03 Wood Carvings, Magazine Engravings P. 14 MAUSER Accessories P. 15 Bolt Action Rifle M 98 and M 98 Magnum Action und Basic Features P. 16–17 M 98 Optional Features P. 18–19 M 98 and M 98 Magnum Custom Engravings P. 20–21 M 98 Color Case Hardening P. 22 Mauser Accessories P. 23 Mauser History of a Legend For over 150 years the name Mauser has been synonymous with the construction of solid rifles and turning innovative technolo- gies into practical solutions for every day use. Throughout history Mauser has been successful in bridging tradition and innova- tion over and over again. With the development of the bolt action rifle 98 towards the end of the 19th century the Mauser brothers set a milestone in gun mak- ing history. Up until today the 98 action has formed the basis for the hugely successful models M 98 and M 98 Magnum. The M 98 action today is manufactured according to the original drawings but with the most mod- ern of manufacturing methods. Thanks to this merger of traditional design and modern manufacturing processes the M 98 remains to this day one of the most popular big game rifles of the world. The Success Story Continues The introduction of the M 03 in 2003 marks the dawn of a new era for the Mauser com- pany. The M 03 represents once again the merger of traditional Mauser values and modern production techniques such as mod- ular construction, versatility and perfection in design. The M 03 lays the foundation of a new generation of hunting rifles, which will guarantee the name Mauser a leading posi- tion in rifle manufacturing far into the future. Into the Future The name Mauser stands for innovative de- sign and solid construction in hunting rifles. With the new models M 03 Extreme and M 03 Solid the Mauser company proves its dedi- cation to innovation and once again sets a benchmark in gun design. THE LEGEND LIVES ON 32 Safety First Mauser Manual Cocking Safety System: The M 03 is cocked manually just prior to shooting. Cocking: Move the cocking lever to the right into the “Fire” position (Fig. 1). De-cocking: Press the de-cocking button; cocking lever slides back to the “Safe” position (Fig. 2). Bolt Lock: In the un-cocked status the bolt is locked to prevent un- intentional opening. It can be opened by pushing the cocking lever beyond the “S” position without cocking the rifle (Fig. 3). Action and Locking The action is locked via 6 large locking lugs directly into the barrel (Fig. 4). Small Bolt Lift: 60° Open Receiver: For convenient and easy loading and unloading (Fig. 6). Take Down Easy take down enables convenient transportation. Mauser Trigger System Crisp single stage trigger as standard. On request combi trigger with adjustable set trigger (not available in the US): The set trigger auto- matically unsets when the rifle is de-cocked or the bolt opened – a major safety advantage (Fig. 8). Mauser Double Square Mount The M 03 comes prepared for the ORIGINAL MAUSER DOUBLE SQUARE MOUNT (DSM) as standard: The DSM allows for very low scope mounting with optimum return to zero accuracy for all standard scopes and red dot sights. The scope is easily mounted and locked (Fig. 9). Classic Stock Oil polished walnut wood stock with American cheek piece. Black forearm end cap and pistol grip cap, fine checkering sling swivels, old Eng- lish style rubber recoil pad. M 03 Caliber Options and Technical Data: Calibergroup Barrellengthcm Bolthead Caliber Magazinetype Capacity Mini 60 MI .222 Rem. .223 Rem. A 5+1 Standard 60 ST .22-250 Rem. F .243 Win. 7mm-08 Rem. .308 Win. B 6,5x55 6,5x57 6,5x65 RWS .25-06 .270 Win. 7x64 .30-06 8x57 IS 8,5x63 9,3x62 C Magnum 65 MA .270 WSM .300 WSM D 3+1 7mm Rem. Mag. .300 Win. Mag. .300 Wby. Mag. 8x68 S .338 Win. Mag .375 H&H .416 Rem. Mag. .458 Lott E 4+1 MX .404 Jeffery 3+1 M 03 With grade 7 special figured curlwood (optional) 6 1 2 Titanium nitrated bolt head (optional) 4 5 7 3 8 Mauser M 03 The M 03’s safety and reliability and its practicality in all fields of shooting are achieved by a clever pairing of modern materials and technical design. The merger of various factors such as the solid steel action, and high quality trigger in combination with the classic straight stock and a cold hammer forged barrel result in the M 03’s exceptional precision. 10 Advanced Magazine Construction Detachable magazine, rapid, easy loading from above even with in- serted magazine (Fig. 6). High magazine capacity, lockable magazine release button – for tough hunting conditions the magazine can be reliably secured against loss. LEGEND AND INNOVATION 9 Match barrel, fluted (optional) Solid barrel, short (optional) Africa barrel Standard barrel, short (optional) Interchangeable Barrels Caliber Change: By changing barrels a variety of calib...

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